Case: Migration from SuperOffice to HubSpot CRM

The challenge

Moving from SuperOffice to HubSpot CRM

The client had decided for HubSpot CRM as their new CRM system. They used Super Office before.

Our process

Doidea was given the task of addressing these challenges and helping with the following:

  • Migrate CRM data from SuperOffice to HubSpot CRM

The assignment started in the end of January and ended before end of February. Doidea used our process for migration which is the below.

  • Week 1
    • Start-up call to ensure everybody is on the same page and that we get all the access to HubSpot, Old CRM system etc.
    • Getting a test file from your old CRM
    • Data mapping between fields in your old CRM and HubSpot
    • First test migration done by us
  • Week 2
    • Client checks test migration and accept migration or send changes to Doidea
    • Doidea change the migration
    • Doidea does new test migration
    • Client accepts test migration
  • Week 3
    • Doidea migrate data
    • Client accepts migration


In less than 4 weeks the information in SuperOffice CRM was migrated to HubSpot CRM. The last migration was done outside of office hours so for the organization there was now downtime.


The client was up and running in a new CRM with a lot of more innovative capabilities.

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