Case: HubSpot integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The challenge

No integration of Marketing and Sales on the systems

The client had Marketing in HubSpot and Sales in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the two systems didn’t talk to each other. The client sent Sales Qualified Leads with email to the Sales organization who entered the information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our process

Doidea was given the task of addressing these challenges and helping with the following:

  • Integrate HubSpot with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The assignment started in beginning of March and ended before end of March. Doidea started with a meeting where we went through the below points.

  • What contacts in CRM should be synchronized to HubSpot
  • What contacts in HubSpot should be synchronized to CRM and when
  • What fields in the two systems should be mapped and synchronized



In two weeks the integration was up and running and the two departments could be working on the same information. Sales could without switching systems see everything that a lead had done on their website and have more insight in to the discussion with the lead. The time from being Sales Qualified to connect call with a account manager was shortened with more than a day.


The client had an integrated Marketing and Sales organization both on people side and system side.

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