What are the steps when migrating from our old CRM to HubSpot CRM

When we do migration for a customer our process looks almost the same for every CRM system. We have done this for Sugar CRM, SuperOffice and lots more. It’s a straight forward process that takes 3 weeks.

Week 1

  • Start-up call to ensure everybody is on the same page and that we get all the access to HubSpot, Old CRM system etc.
  • Getting a test file from your old CRM
  • Data mapping between fields in your old CRM and HubSpot
  • First test migration done by us

Week 2

  • Client checks test migration and accept migration or send changes to Doidea
  • Doidea change the migration
  • Doidea does new test migration
  • Client accepts test migration

Week 3

  • Doidea migrate data
  • Client accepts migration

This are the simple steps we do and after that you are up and running in HubSpot CRM.

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